9/15/2015 Muskies are starting to feed for the winter And the Smallmouth are also!Biggest 2 Fish this year so far this week out of the Susquehanna River. Who wants to go on a guided fishing trip to catch one like this?  5705400609

2016 started out with a bang.  The fishing has just started nd its been good. Big bass and Muskies and Pike to start the season.  42" Musky and a 5lb weighted. Smallmouth Bass.

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6/10/15     Today I fished Alone. Scouted the Susquehanna River in PA. I had a Musky bump my lure but never opened its mouth.  Ive seen this happen a few times now.

  I had it for a split second.  Then A while later I saw something Ive never saw before! I was taking a break sitting down eating a snack with my rod on my lap. The lure was hanging in the water about a foot deep. All the sudden I see a Musky rise up and get behind my lure.  I could barely see it. I wasnt sure for about ten sec or so, then I saw it for sure. the boat was barely moving! I went into a figure 8 and It fallowed around twice and was gone! I was in 12 foot of water. Pretty cool. A friend fishing in NY in The Susquehanna where I fish also, got this very nice Pike. (Released)

8/20/15  Sorry no report or pictures for the last few weeks.  Web site issues.  Here are a few pics from the last few weeks. The fishing has been good when Ive been able to get out.  Couple nice muskies and a little pike caught by a few friends plus a few missed. My season of big bass and missed muskies continues! The Susquehanna River has gotten very low but is still fishing very good.  Water today was 79.  It should drop this week witch will keep the muskies happy!

5/27/2015  Today was an even better day Fishing Muskies and Pike onThe Susquehanna River In NY. We had 4 confirmed bites from Pike and Musky today and two we could't confirm. We had on big lures so most likely they came from Musky or Pike. And of course a few good smallmouth.  We also saw a very large catfish swim by the boat. Water temp was up to 70 today.

5/25/15  Two bites  from Muskies today on the Susquehanna River. Missed one and got this 37" on  figure 8 right at our feet!  Very exciting!  Plus the normal few big Smallmouth Bass. 

10/20-11/1/20160 The last few weeks have been crazy busy. The Salmon fishing was incredible this year. There are still Salmon in the Salmon River and the creeks in the area as well but its almost over for this year. Steelhead and Brown trout are next! The Susquehanna River has been hot for Smallmouth with the Muskies and Northern Pike Putting on the feed bag for winter... Fall is a great time to be alive! Here is some from the last few weeks.  Corey Jones And Jeff Mccain Had a great day Salmon Fishing.

9/3/2015 Today I stayed on the Susquehanna River and it paid off with this Pretty 43" Musky. She hammered my lure two foot from the boat. My luck changed and it didnt come off! The water is very low and in the low 80s witch can be fatal if their not handled properly. we kept this fish in the water the whole time except for a fast picture. She revived very well and swam away strong.  This fishery is only going to get better as the days shorten and cooler temps will put these fish on the feed. Give me a call! Set up a day or two for your shot at a true trophy! Oh ya, got a pike also.. lol

6/3/2015  Weather changed again today. Sunny and Calm so it was the first day out of the last 8 without any action on Musky or Pike. We didnt do bad over all with a few Bass, a few big bass lost and one Giant Susquehanna River Carp! Threw out some corn while we had a snack break and it paid off. This is the biggest carp Ive ever caught. The water temp went back down to 61 when we started today but ended at 65. I hope it gets cold tonight!

5/26/2015  Today was a good day Musky Fishing on the Susquehanna River in NY.  We lost Two Musky and Caught this Pike and the usual Big bass.  Water temp Is still High 60s.

5/21/15  A Few From Today.  My Friend Andy Had His First Musky Chase But No Bite Today. Fished The Susquehanna River In PA

10/12/2016.The last few weeks have been very busy and I was sick for a week also. The fishing has been great on the Susquehanna and Salmon river.. Multiple Muskies and Salmon every day. The Mukies are on the feed for winter and the King Salmon are Running the Salmon River to spawn. The Steelhead will be right behind them ready to feast on Salmon eggs... The next two months are the best of the year! Get in on the action while its hot! 570-540-0609 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays.... Here is a few from this month... The Smallmouth was 5.8 on a digital scale. It hit a double 8 bucktail!

9/8/2015 I stayed on the Susquehanna River today. As Ive said, these Muskies are in predictabe spot right now making for very good action. The water temp is right at the max ill still fish for them. It should drop over night to a better temp. Today was back to the bad luck. I missed two and had a third chase twice. one I didnt hook inhailed my lure but still didnt get hooked. she must have had a steel lined mouth!  How many can I miss or loose? Your luck could be much better come give it a shot.. On a sad note I found this one dead. I filmed a racoon today also.. 

6/16/15 Didnt Fish today. Instead I went to buy a new Jet Boat For the Susquehanna River. New Tracker Pro 170 Jet.

5/20/15 Susquehanna River Musky. The Only Bite Today. Fished 4 Hours.  Not Bad! 

9/8/16 The fishing in the Susquehanna River has started to turn back on with the cooler nights and cooler water temps. Havent been out a lot the last few weeks but when we did get out we did Pretty good as usual! Here is a few from the last few times out.

7/9/15  Well the Susquehanna river came way up and got muddy last week. We Fished Tuesday this week but it was a little to soon still.  Today is much better conditions finally. We fished The Susquehanna River in NY this afternoon. Today was another one of those days! Good and bad at the same time. We had 5 Muskies strike at our lures, not one got hooked! Very frustrating! My guy did everything right it just didnt happen.  I dont lie and I have to say this year so far has been just like today.  Bad luck continues...  Im putting people on fish they just keep coming unhooked or they hit but dont get hooked. This string of loosing and missing has to turn around soon!  Or Ill be grey haired by the time the Salmon and Steelhead run the Salmon river! It was still a good day. We moved 5 in 5 hours...  This BIG bass crushed a 9" swim bait. Biggest bass of the year.

6/4/2015 What a change from yesterday! We got Some clouds and cooler temps and had a killer day on the Susquehanna River!  We lost one Musky, had 2 fallows and saw a Pike or Musky chasing bait, and My Friend put this fat pretty one in the net.  It was hooked deep but I have the right tools and I got it unhooked pretty fast. Took a little time but she swam away good.

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8/26,27/2015  Fishing in the Susquehanna River has been pretty good this week. Missed a couple big muskies but we got a few nice pike and a 20" Bass. The water is very low but the temp is staying in the 70s and falling. Switching over to Salmon and Steelhead next week. I will still go for Muskies and Pike if someone wants to go.  The best fishing is still to come.

8/13/2016 I have been so busy I havent been able to update this site. We've had a lot of action casting flies and lures Here is a few of the Muskies since my last update.  

5/28/2015  Not as good as the last few days on the Susquehanna River Chasing Musky and Pike. The weather changed to Sunny today from over cast  and windy. Still wasnt bad though. We got this average pike, had a little bigger one take a look and lost a nice Musky at the net. The big bass was also lost at the net. I think the bass hurt more than the Musky,  It was way above average..  Thats Fishing!  Water also went up to 72. 

5/5/2016 Musky season opens in NY this weekend so I have been fishing in PA because the season doesnt close. Trying to get a  Musky with my fly rod but so far Ive got a bunch of big Bass. The fishing has been good for bass.

5/13/2015    WeHad two muskies fallow It Was a pretty good day over allon the Susquehanna River Fishing for Muskies.. A nice Bass And A walleye were the Bonus Catches

4/20/2016  Tried to get a musky with my fly rod. No Muskies but a bunch of Smallmouth. A few 4lb+ one close to 5lbs. They are fat and ready to spawn. The Muskies are most likely spawning or about to. The water temp was 55  today. The Bass were in shallow water. The Muskies should be also. Ill be back out tomorrow to try the fly rod again.

5/26/2016. Sorry for the lack of reports and Pics.  Its been a tough few weeks.. I had to say goodby to my 17 year old Dog..It was hard.. After I got back on the water things were good.  Last week I got a 46" 27# Musky but dropped my phone in the river! No pics!! Mad me sick for a week! This week started slow but picked up fast. One of the guys today missed three Muskies on the fly. Yesterday Carl got a baby Musky on the fly.  I got 2 Pike today. The bass fishing has been pretty good also if you like to fish for bass. water temp is in the high 60s . Things are getting good!

9/7/2015 Another day Musky Hunting on the Susquehanna River. I fished PA water today. My luck was changing until today... These fish are in very predictable water right now with how low its gotten. 5 bites in three days with 1 pike, 1 Musky landed and 2 misses, plus the big girl I lost tonight. Still stressed out! Regardless it was a good day. I knew exactly where I figured they would be and I was right. 4 casts and I had one. I ended up with a few bass and this good one. I filmed A mother bear and her cub from twenty yards in the river. My good friends got this nice pike on the fly a few miles down stream. Sooner or later I will switch to the salmon  River. 

6/25/2015 Today was another one of those day! We fished the Susquehanna River in NY for only 4 hours. I missed two Musky. One Fallowed from shore to the boat with its nose just about touching the lure but turned away. The next charged at my lure 100mph but turned away when it got close enough to see the lure was screwed up. My luck.  A good friend did manage to land a 37" Musky. Before we could get good pics it kicked out of my hand. This pic is a still from a video. If I could figure out how to put that up I would but I have no Idea!  water temp hanging around 70.

6/11/15  No fish today. My head just isnt in the game. Just found out My dog has a brain tumor. kind of makes everything else secondary,  So today after making sure She was Ok for the day we went and scouted new Pa Susquehanna River water. It paid off well. My Friend missed a smaller 30s or so Musky, then 100 yards away he lost a 40+! This was a good one.  At least someone had there head on today!  So now I am up to 11 out of 12 days with at least a fallow. 4 Muskies in the boat and 5 Pike. 12+ lost, 12+ more fallows and 6-8 missed bites.

9/2/2015 Changed back to Muskies today and had a frustrating day.  My bad luck continues! Had two bites but neither got hooked plus 4 other fallows by at least two other Muskies. All I got was teeth marks on my lure! The best days for Musky are coming. Ill take a break from The Salmon river to go for them if someone wants to give it a shot.

6/13/2016  Decent Musky for Robbie Phillips out of the Susquehanna River. Last weeks clients Had a couple bites from pike or musky but missed them. We got cut up lures but no fish! Up and down temps and water made it tough but we still managed this one last week. Conditions are great right now again so time to book a trip...


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6/28/2016  I didnt fish last week much. Only one day because of family issues.. We got a nice walleye and missed a much bigger one(30+") casting for Muskies. We had a smaller Musky or Pike miss a fly at the boat a little later in the day. The river is very low now and getting warm. water temp is still Ok in the mid 70s. I fished today alone before some storms rolled threw. I watched this Musky from shore hit  my fly 3 times before It took it good. Another low 41" Musky out of the Susquehanna River on the fly...

6/24/2015  Havent fished much the last few days getting the new boat set up. But we got out today for a few hours. what a day. My Good friend missed a giant at the boat. this was a very big Musky. It just nipped the feathers and never got a hook! I had a good one take a swipe but it also didnt get a hook.Another good friend did manage to get this baby Susquehanna River Musky in the net. It also missed when it struck. It was hooked in the side. Still counts.